Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nobody's Counting

Ok so, we have 14 days till we are out of this house! I really can't believe it is happening so fast. We will spend 3ish weeks in our hometown visiting friends and family, and doing stuff we've missed for the past 16 mths. Then we will be off to wherever Hubby is. We have had to put off buying our truck for a few months, but our countdown to having one and buying our trailer is ON!

Now, we are at the hard part of packing, what do we need for 14 more days? What do we need for the next 14 mths?? Everything I take to Denton, is everything we will take on the road with us. Everything else must stay here in storage.

I figure there are stores in every part of the country so IF we realize we need something we can just buy it right?? Which reminds me I am off to buy blue jean baby diapers for the grandbaby. Have you seen these?? They are adorable! Almost makes me want another baby. If you have a baby you gotta get some!

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