Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And, I'm back atleast for today!

Wow! 8 months! Already? Where did the time go? It has been 8 months since I blogged last. Well, alot has happened in 8 months. Yes, we are still traveling. I have just not had the energy to keep up here. Hopefully that will change.

I have alot of catching up to do and will try my best.

Currrently we are in Southern Pennsylvania and loving it. It is so quaint and simple here. So many historic things to do and see. The only problem is that most of the sight seeing things to do are closed for the season.

We are hoping to head out to Pittsburg today just to drive thru and say we have. Tomorrow we hope to leave for NYC! Rather bummed that Mike doesn't get to take any time off to go with us. Our cash flow is slow, so we will not have the expericance I had always wanted. We'll have to see how this frugal mama can make a trip of the Big Apple a trip to remember.

Stay tuned!

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