Monday, March 28, 2011


Oklahoma! One of the Last places I wanted to spend a week or a month or longer. There are wind farms all over the US , but we are sent to Oklahoma. Well, let me explain, Oklahoma isn't bad, I just didn't want to be stuck in the middle of Oklahoma. However, here we are and I was so surprised that I actually like it here. Just enough to be here for a month or so. More than a month would probably be overkill. After all we are over an hour away from a Target or a mall. Elk City is a small town in what is considered Western Oklahoma, it is located on Route 66. We are closer to Amarillo than Dallas. An hour and a half drive east will put you in Oklahoma City. It is dry, flat, and ugly here. Much different from the scenes in Pennsylvania. My to do list for this week include a trip to the National Route 66 Museum here in town, a picnic at a great park we found, and a possible stroll along main street for some antiquing. Other than those few things we plan to stay in quite a bit and cook and bake in our full size kitchen in our old but nice, clean, and charming hotel. Hope to update soon with pictures!

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