Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Stuff! Right?

Freecycle, garagesales.com, craigslist, friends, the list goes on for putting my life in bags and handing it all away. I realize that the ones sitting, drooling over the sites on their computers have No idea what I am doing, that I am offering them everything materialistic that I own. Things I have had for over 20 yrs. Things I bought just two weeks ago. It all has to go. None of it is really worth much, but it is my stuff, my life, my home. Most of it will be freecycled if I can keep up with finding who wants what. The thing that is increasingly irritating is the responses of "What's your address, sit it outside and I'll be right there" and that is all they say. Then the next response will be " My granny got run over by a train and and and and so I really need those book shelves or my granny will never recover" I mean really! Whatever happened to " Hi, I saw that you were offering your children's clothes and we'd like to take them off your hands. Thank you very much?" But nope hardly any of those. I know it is all just stuff, but My stuff that I will no longer have. I just want it to go to someone who will appreciate it. Am I asking too much? Am I just too attached to what is just stuff? Should I just load it all up and take it to Goodwill???? After all I am searching for the liberation of it all and to not have to store the things that the rust and moths will destroy. I am looking forward to storing up a stronger relationship with my husband and my kids without all the stuff in the way. For me that is far more eternal, but for now this is still my stuff!

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