Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuck On Hold

Today I was making calls to the utility company, cable company, truck rental company for my mom's new apartment. I was on hold more than I wasn't and that is when I realized this feeling I've had is that I am stuck on hold. We can't move until June 10th when Mom's apartment is available. After that We can't leave until camp for Chase is over on July 3rd. I am leaving my home here the day we move mom. No need to come back to an empty house, and pay all that rent. We've done about all the downsizing we can do. I don't want to do the final scrub on the house or paint just yet we still have 6 weeks left before we leave. So, here I am stuck on hold. The kids start swimming lessons next week, that will be two days a week or maybe four that we will have something to do. I don't have alot of money to spend to do things as I have to save to get a truck to travel with before July 3rd. We have been spending alot more family time together playing games, playing wii, reading outloud and a ton of other things to keep our boring days going. We are all so excited that it is making time go by so slow. I am sure that in a few weeks I'll have a post that says "where did all the time go?" but for now it is barely ticking away.

In other news did I mention I am going to be a Grammy?? Yep we have our first Grandbaby due in Dec. We are soo excited!! That does kind of throw a hitch in our coming home for Christmas plans, we'll have to be home when baby comes and may not be able to stay for actual Christmas. Oh well, what a better Christmas gift than a brand new grandbaby???

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  1. Heck, I'd just take my time and enjoy!..That's what this lifestyle is all about anyway...right? Not getting in a rush...Rest and Relaxation....taking our time to smell the roses.

    Congrats on the new kiddo Grandma!!