Friday, April 9, 2010


That is exactly how I feel. Trying to keep the house, educate children, sort through everything we own, pay bills, get kids to cubscouts, teach a teen to drive, yeah you get the picture. I just need someone to tell me what to do first, next, and last. It wouldn't help however, because something always comes up. Like not only did J have cub scouts today, he has box car races tomorrow and a meeting on Sunday. I signed the kids up for swimming lessons today to add to all my madness. I do find this one very important as we will be spending July - January in hotels and swimming is a good way to keep the cabin fever down, I think, I will let you know how that goes. I have looked at so many travel trailers that I don't' even care which one we get anymore.

As for ridding of our earthly possessions, well, I don't have time for the headache of a real garage sale. I can't seem to find time to list on craigslist, or I have freecycled away quite successfully. Oh, and why is it that as soon as you pull something out the kids are suddenly IN LOVE with it? Esp that junk that you didn't have the heart or time to trash 6 mths earlier, but they had no interest in then?

Well, I have wasted enough time here today. I am going to try to get pics up later, if I can figure it out.

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